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What Women Are Saying.

Want to know what people think about the PHYSICAL MEDICINE I offer? I know it takes emotional effort to move through pain and dysfunction, and start believing in your OWN healing abilities.

Here I highlight a few of my Google Map reviews.

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In 60 minutes Tara recognized my body’s stress pattern and was working on all the tension areas without me describing anything ahead of time! I get weekly wellness chiropractic adjustments that help me manage stress in life. Tara showed me that her focused massage therapy is a great addition to caring for my body because it can help unlock those stress patterns that keep the same symptoms returning. Go to her if you want longer-lasting relief rather than just relaxation. She talked me through areas that she expected to be more sensitive like my jaw area and afterward my body didn’t want to clench down any longer! She walked me through breath focus while she found the areas that trigger tension headaches. She recognized my entire left side has a tension pattern and she gave recommendations for me to help my body at home too! Very impressed with my results from her expertise!

- Dr. McCartney Goff

My MD referred me to Tara after she was able to avoid shoulder surgery using Tara's services. Tara is a truly gifted manual therapist and masseuse. Her knowledge and ability are phenomenal, she is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She doesn't treat just the tissue, she treats the whole person. I always leave sessions with Tara feeling that everything will be alright and feeling right in my being.

- Kate Chamberlin LPN

What I liked the most about my treatment from Tara is that she not only listened to me but also listened to my body. She adeptly honed in on the tissues that needed support and followed the lead my muscles gave her. She didn't "strong arm" them into submission, yet was very effective in her work. Her ability to read and respect what my body needed at that time gave me with a lot of confidence and comfort, and, of course, I left feeling very relaxed and pain free! Thank you, Tara!

- Dr. Jessica Evans Naturopathic Doctor

Tara is incredibly talented & so good at what she does. I am so grateful I found her! On my first visit with Tara as soon as I walked through the door she was able to tell me just by looking at me what it took an x-ray to show. That I had a loss of cervical curvature. She worked specifically with different techniques for my neck and jaw and I had immediate relief. She is working with me to help restore my curvature and helping me restore my upper body back to health. She is a miracle worker and so kind!

- Melissa Babasin

Tara is amazing! Not only did she get me on the same day when I was in desperate need of help for my jaw (pain due to clenching), but I have seen her every week (for about 5 weeks) since to maintain being pain-free and without symptoms -- literally no pain since our first session! She is not only lovely and very personable, but she knows what she is doing!! I am so relieved and thankful to have found her...Thanks Tara!

- Adrienne Bush LPC

I recommend Tara to any woman who desires lasting results from their bodywork sessions. As a licensed physical therapist with a specialty in women's pelvic health and as a woman who experienced her own healing journey with pelvic pain, I ONLY choose to work with practitioners who I sense and feel have the heart and soul desire to help plus, the technical skills! Tara truly has both. I feel very cared for in my sessions as she tends to a variety of the senses with essential oils, a warming heat pack on my belly, and reminds me to focus on my breath and go inward for guidance- all while she is working her magic on my neck, jaw, and back. We are starting with focused work on my neck, jaw, and upper body area however, I intend to continue working with her long-term (every other week) to work our way down to the diaphragm, belly, and pelvic bowl. I can tell she intuitively senses which parts of my body are calling for her to address that day and at the moment. I feel very grateful to have found Tara locally! I highly recommend her to any woman who needs healing at the root cause level. She will help remove the layers of imbalance and restore your innate well-being.

- Kelly Bradly PT

Tara is pure magic! I'm so grateful that I found her. She can navigate and find any tensions that you might have without you even telling her what's wrong. Every time I've left a session, I feel amazing. I highly recommend booking her!

- Lauren Guzman

I have had many therapeutic massages from different providers and Tara is hands down THE BEST at bodywork. She really listens to me when I tell her about my body pain, but most importantly she intuitively just knows what needs to be done. I suffered from severe lower back pain a few years ago and she helped me get back to 100% quickly and with no medication. I can't recommend her enough and I'm excited to have her help me with some complicated digestive issues that no one has been able to solve.

- Dana Hamilton

Tara is the real deal. I have had many many massages in my day, and Tara knows the body and what areas to focus on like very few. I have a chronic neck injury and am very particular about who touches my neck. After one session with her, I felt amazing. Her specialized care, especially for women, is filling a need here in the community. We are lucky to have her so close.

- Tania James

There are massage therapists and there are massage therapists like Tara. Tara is in a special class of bodyworkers who have a special healing touch, an intuitive sense of what each client's body needs, and the most gentle soul. I can't recommend her healing hands enough to anyone experiencing injury or chronic pain. She will listen to your story with energy and compassion and will be with you on your healing journey.

- Rebecca Falls

Tara had a level of expertise that I have never experienced before. She specializes in several areas of the body, and my session focused specifically on neck and jaw tension. I walked away from my appointment feeling not only relaxed but also that she had made long-term improvements in my chronic muscle tension. I had lasting benefits from just one session and I look forward to using her services again in the future. Highly recommend!

- Rachel Hendricks

Tara was so great, she helped me feel so relaxed and comfortable with the treatment. She was extremely knowledgeable about the pelvic floor and how to creating healing. I would highly recommend her for women seeking guidance and healing around pelvic issues. - Wah Khalsa

Tara's expertise and healing hands has been a life-changing experience. I am happily in awe of how my body has responded. In the past, after bodywork, chiropractic care, or massages I was very sore for days and couldn't do much. Sometimes after neck work, I wouldn't be able to turn my head for up to 4 days or drive, but Tara has such a special touch and way with the neck, I do not lose mobility at all post-treatments! I gain mobility and am able to move in ways I haven't been able to for many years. Even after years of physical therapy & chiropractic care. After my appointments with Tara, I woke up feeling great in the days following. I am 32 and thought I was destined to live in pain forever. I felt hope after one appointment. And after having a few more appointments I now know I am healing so much. Not only does she heal your body physically Tara also helps the body to heal socially/emotionally & spiritually. I'm so thankful to feel pain-free after many years! Each and every day has been better since I made the choice to work with Tara! Highly recommended!

- Hannah E

For years I've been looking for a massage therapist that focuses on the jaw and neck muscles. I've had chronic pain for 5+ years, with TMJ issues and daily morning headaches. I was so excited to come across Tara's site, that specifically mentions head/neck/jaw has been her specialty for many years.

After seeing her, I can say that her work is exactly what I was looking for! She is very professional, listens to the body, doesn't force, but has enough deep pressure to feel serious release! The space is inviting and she uses essential oils to heighten the overall experience of relaxation and healing.

She'll be my go to massage therapist for all shoulder-up issues! Thanks Tara. See you soon!

- Dr. Haylee Nye

Tara's knowledge of myofacial release is top. She released stress in my neck and head I did not even realize was there. Highly recommend!

- Debi Panning

I have been getting massage for years to hold off headaches, but I feel like I am finally getting deep into the areas of need & truly hoping for extended relief! Tara is not only skilled at her art, but also professional, communicative, caring.

- Christy Shaver

Tara is a warm and caring practitioner. She is working on my neck and jaw after many years of TMJ problems. My husband always comments on how relaxed my face looks after a session. I highly recommend her for effective TMJ treatment and pain relief.

- Barbara Murray

After a year of chronic headaches and jaw pain, I finally found the solution with TMJ treatment with Tara. The specific way she’s massaged my jaw and neck has been life changing. She has such a gentle and sweet demeanor and effective treatment, I have recommended her to everyone I know that is in need of this or for the other types of massage she offers.

-Tami Hoisnington

I came to Tara about 10 years ago after I developed a painful twitch in my jaw. It had been happening for about 6 months and was effecting me daily. After 1 jaw session with her not only did the twitch and pain stop, but it never came back! Now I see her for pelvic floor work, (which I didn't even know that was a thing) and it has completely changed my life. I was in constant pain and didn't even realize it. Along with muscle work, she showed me breathing and visualization techniques that I now use when I get menstrual cramps. She has taught me more about my body than anyone and I can't thank her enough for the incredible work that she has done for me. She truly has changed my life for the better.

- DB

I had a wonderful TMJ massage experience! Tara was informative and put me at ease, guiding through the process. She was warm and sensitive to what felt comfortable for me. I was able to feel significant relief from just one session… the jaw, neck, and spine.I Look forward to more work!

- Erin Fagan

Tara Lee Clasen is brilliant at what she does! Getting a massage from her is eye opening and so beautifully therapeutic. Stress is ever present in my life and my body. Just taking the time to visit and experience how healing her practice is totally worth it! I am for sure going to continue my life long journey with Tara helping all the way.

- Liz Hayden

I highly recommend the skilled and intuitive physical healing work of Tara Lee Clasen. She has quickly identified and addressed the imbalances in my body. In working with her I've experienced immediate pain relief of issues that have affected me for years! I feel blessed to have found her, as I've tried numerous other healing modalities, without results.

- Belladonna Sanctuary

Highly recommended getting a massage from Tara. I regularly receive massages but this was on a whole other level and was an incredible healing experience. Tara is able to pinpoint the areas that need treatment and make a noticeable difference even within your first session!

- Britt Mara

I have had the pleasure of seeing Tara over the past couple of months. Tara was extremely thorough and took the time to explain each step of the process. She listened attentively to my concerns and tailored the massage to address my specific needs. I appreciated her professionalism and expertise and could tell she truly cared about helping me find relief from my TMJ pain. After each massage, I felt significantly less tension in my jaw and had a noticeable decrease in my TMJ-related headaches. I also slept much more soundly at night, which was a welcome change from the usual discomfort I experience. Overall, I highly recommend Tara for anyone seeking relief from TMJ or other muscle tension related issues. She is truly skilled at what she does and provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for her clients. I will definitely be returning in the future for more treatments.

-Amy Olyaei

I cannot say enough positive about Tara. She was able to help me with bladder issues resulting from surgery that no other therapist could. She is kind and sensitive and has intuition and knowledge to approach issues that are amazing and so helpful. I feel so fortunate to have found her and will continue to have her on my team!

-Carolyn Kopca

Tara provides amazing bodywork. I choose the word bodywork versus massage because the focus of my sessions from Tara for my chronic neck, jaw, and shoulder pain were not about relaxation or pampering but rather, were for treatment or therapy...they were for healing. Tara hands down is the best bodywork specialist I've ever had and I wish desperately that she still worked in Bend.

-Cari Press

Tara is an amazing intuitive healer. She is able to tap into the source of her patients ailments and treat the core from the inside out. The result is that the healing is complete as she is not merely treating the symptoms that are presented. Tara identifies the root of the problem and engages the patient to participate in their own recovery. Over the years Tara has increased her knowledge and understanding of the human body and its optimal performance. She is a proficient Massage Therapist, also specializing in Ayurvedic treatments. Recently she has been specializing in Pelvic Floor manipulation. No matter where Tara puts her healing energy I am certain that she is the best in her field. She truly cares and connects with her patients in every way possible. If you have the opportunity go see Tara. You will be amazed at how through and holistic your treatment is and how positively your body will respond to her work.

-Jenny Smith

Tara is an amazingly intuitive therapist and has done some really great work on me. I came to her with a very stiff neck, issues with TMJ and shoulder pain and mobility problems. Her deep tissue and very targeted work have been a great help. I love that she specializes in issues that commonly afflict females. Highly recommend Tara!

-Jean Marshburn

I'm grateful to have found Tara, who is intuitive and compassionate when treating my chronic TMJ and neck issues. She is a true holistic healer and her manual therapy has been very effective. She has also helped me calm my anxious mind by helping me breathe deeply when we're in session. I leave her office feeling lighter in my jaw and neck, but also calmer in my mind. I feel so grateful to have found Tara and can't recommend her more highly to other women looking to address their jaw, neck and pelvic issues.

-Helen Xue

Tara truly is the best massage therapist I've ever seen. Her focus on neck and shoulders has helped to improve my tension and vestibular issues. Tara's ability to target the areas of the neck and shoulders has resulted in significant improvements.

-S. Marlo Tercek

I experience chronic migraines and have tried various approaches for relief (acupuncture, massage, supplements, elimination diet, working with a naturopath and neurologist) and thought I'd see if working with Tara could help me find relief. Even during our initial interactions, I found myself feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. Tara is warm, nurturing, and incredibly grounding. After my first visit, I was migraine free for a longer time than I had been in years. We are working on my pelvic floor, neck and jaw....helping my mind, body and spirit all find relief. Tara helps me feel comfortable and attends to my trauma history in empowering ways. As a psychologist myself who has done years of my own therapy, I appreciated her attentiveness, intuitive wisdom, ability to listen to me (both my words and my body) and attune to what I needed. Her voice, touch, emotional attunement and knowledge all bring me comfort, peaceful energy and open up by body to benefit from her manual therapy. Tara was quickly able to note structural aspects to my neck that were likely contributing to my migraines and has connected me with other providers to address various other aspects to my health that will support relief. Even after the first appointment, I thought if she did the exact same thing each time...I would feel amazing. Yet, each visit feels different and more beneficial as she attends to what my body is needing that specific time. My jaw is relaxing and I am even beginning to notice benefits to my facial structure, feeling more beautiful and like myself. Tara has been such a gift to me and I genuinely look forward to our time together. Her therapy is both energizing and relaxing. I feel like I am finally headed toward a journey of healing and plan to continue seeing Tara for as long as I can. We have identified both short and long-term goals and I am incredibly grateful to have already experienced relief and look forward to continuing to heal and learn from Tara. My body, nervous system and soul are feeling restored.

- Dr. Meghan Cormier Castaneda

My doctor referred me to Tara for pelvic floor therapy. Now I knew this was going to be powerful work but it was even more profound than I anticipated. I have a history of childhood sexual trauma and abuse and I knew that taking this on was going to be beyond any kind of therapeutic method I had tried before. Tara made me feel incredibly safe. It was so easy to trust her from the start (not usual for me). Her space is also so inviting. What I especially love is how she meets you where you're at. She's not pushing you to go beyond yet she definitely facilitates what she can sense you're ready for. I released so much grief and anger in this first session. I'm excited for the continued work as I'll be booking the 6 sessions with Tara. Tara holds such Sacred Space for your full healing. I'd call her a "healer for healers." I'm grateful to have finally found this work and wish I had found it sooner!

-Siena L.T.

Tara is the most gifted person who has ever done body work on me. She has a way of being able to identify the areas of the body that need the most focus, and has really helped ease my pain and stress in my jaw, neck and shoulders. While some body work just masks the pain temporarily, Tara actually makes a difference in your body that produces long term effects. I'd highly recommend anyone experiencing tightness or soreness to come see Tara.

- Molly Moore

Tara is amazing for TMJ work - she's a true healer and gets into all the right spots in the jaw, neck, and shoulders. And she makes you feel super safe and calm and cared for. I'll definitely be going to her for a while!!

- Mihal Freinquel

I have been seeing Tara for a couple months now for a long term chronic pelvic pain issue. A friend recommended I check her out and I’m so glad that I did! As I’ve had the issue for nearly 20 years, I was not expecting overnight miracles, but I can absolutely say that I feel optimism for the first time in a long time. With her knowledgeable guidance I believe I am on the right track to helping my body.

- Whitney Staples

This is serious quality physical medicine, not 'just' a massage (nothing against typical massage) but this was way better, different, and innovative than any other body work I've had done. Tara directed me on how to engage with the work as it progressed, with guidance on breathing, mental focus, etc. You know how one problem with 'modern medicine' is that the physical body and symptoms are regarded as something that can be 'dealt with' separately? This was the opposite, treating the body as integrated with the mind and thoughts, breath, etc. Super good. If we ever have Universal Health Care in America, and we all got to have this kind of physical medicine regularly, we'd have way less problems in society overall!

- Toast Tajiri

I found Tara online when I was looking for someone that focused mainly on the jaw. My work environment and overall stress levels are fairly high, and have always carried stress/tension in my jaw, neck and shoulders. Over the years, this created a lot of discomfort and growing limited mobility. In the first session, Tara was able to bring relaxation and relief into my jaw that I didn’t know was possible, and really took a holistic approach when coming up with a plan. Her energy is calm and inviting, I genuinely feel that this is Tara’s true passion! I’ve been to a few sessions now and plan to continue to see Tara on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate!!!

- Darby Britton


Peace & Love,


*Author Tara Lee Clasen is a manual massage therapist specializing in women's health and pain conditions related to the pelvic floor, neck, jaw & shoulder. She also trained in clinical Ayurveda and has authored a book on Ayurveda called The Elemental Woman.


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