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The most effective treatment I have ever had.

Close up of vegan female cyclist's beautiful face who goes to Tara for myofascial release massage.
Vegan female cyclist  who see's Tara Lee Clasen for sports massage.

Rebecca Falls - world traveling competitive athlete.

Logo of a woman's pelvis in a cycling wheel. In Lake Oswego, Tara works with women to end chronic pain cycles .
Manual Therapy


You will spend more going somewhere else. 

$200 1-hour

Pelvic Floor Consult

During the initial consult, we go over your paperwork & health history, and we do a physical exam that covers pelvic floor health & beyond. This uncovers neuromuscular issues related to the pelvic floor or otherwise disrupting your physical health, & may include the neck & the jaw.  

Single Pelvic Session  

$195 1-hour

Need to improve muscle tone or relax tense pelvic floor muscles? The deep muscles inside the pelvic bowl are accessed through the vaginal wall. These treatments facilitate healing & prevent major health concerns. HOUR  long sessions allow us to work on the neck and jaw or other contributing factors.

Pelvic Floor Package

Why a package? Your body needs time to learn, change, & heal. It takes multiple treatments to, for example, end bladder leakage. A woman can combine pelvic therapy with other targeted treatments for further healing. 

$1,030 six 1-hour sessions

$130 1-hour 

Jaw Therapy TMJ Treatment 

Haven't heard of intra-oral jaw therapy? You're not alone! And yet this work is essential to restoring health to this vital joint structure. Alleviate TMJ pain, emotional and physical tension, by choosing this treatment. 

Neck Therapy 
Cervical Treatment

$130 1-hour

Fed up with neck tension and pain? Been everywhere & tried everything?  Using 20 years of experience, this treatment directly addresses your cervical health. For decades, this therapy has successfully treated whiplash, neck, head, and jaw pain. Consistency is key!

$130 1-hour

Shoulder Therapy 
Rotator Treatment

It is hard to find someone to focus on your deep shoulder tension and rotator cuff pain. Women book for tennis elbow, rotator cuff health, and general shoulder pain and dysfunction. Increase your range of motion in Barre, Pilates, and Yoga!

Interested in Ayurveda?

 The Elemental Woman book is out soon! 

Right now, I am only focusing on writing and local services. If you are inserted in a Zoom (only online) consult, sign-up for the mailing list. Updates will happen there.

Online classes in development. 

Initial Ayurveda Consultation

$550 1-hr 

Not currently offering.

Focused on writing projects and local services! 

Online Group Support


Not currently offering.

Focused on writing projects and local services! 

Classes in development.


A work in progress!


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