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Maintain cervical curve structure, relieve pain, and treat acute injuries

Relieving cervical pain, and preventing or lessening cervical disc disease, is my long-time passion. For many years, neck pain has been the number one reason women are referred to my office. When treating your neck, I use various manual therapy techniques to relax soft tissue, facilitate proper alignment and--most importantly-- listen to the needs of your nervous system.


Since 2004, I've worked closely with auto accident victims to restore normal cervical range of motion and worked with women in all stages of life and manner of the neck and head complaints. I value partner relationships with doctors of chiropractic care, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and other health care providers and combine cervical therapy with intra-oral massage and myofascial release of the pelvic floor muscles when needed.

Manual massage therapy and PT are not the same (both are important types of care).
You deserve the focused, direct-touch physical medicine of manual massage therapy! 

The nervous system and your healing journey

You will reach your optimal level of personal health when you listen to your nervous system. Your nervous system is communicating and coordinating all of your body's needs, your viscera, your musculoskeletal system and the signals of discomfort and pain. Pain is the perspicacious nervous system sharing with you, wisely pointing out its need for attention.

When you stretch and you feel pain, you stop the stretch. Over time, you can stretch a little farther because your nervous system allows your body to stretch a little farther. Through its own scientific method, your nervous system has learned a safe new position.

It is my observation that just as the nervous system tells connective tissue how far it can stretch, the nervous system talks to your muscles and joints and communicates to them a safe new way to "be" throughout the day.  When you receive consistent manual therapy, your nervous system--your inner voice and muscle memory--will learn and change.

Discussing the benefits of neck treatment

Your incredibly intelligent body is completely connected. Emotional stress will express itself in the physical body and physical stress will heighten your emotional stress. Furthermore, just as the nervous system is affected by a whiplash event, the body is affected by-- and stores--emotional stress and trauma.

Receiving physical treatment is part of a well-rounded plan to achieve greater emotional and spiritual health.  You deserve the presence that comes with feeling physically well.

Assisted release technique

Advanced myofascial release

Trigger point therapy

Manual tractioning

Deep tissue


The use of healing oils


Therapeutic Yoga posturing


Gua Sha

Sound therapy




Please notify me of any injections to your neck or surrounding area.

If you have been given injections in your neck, we need to be safe and wait for  6-weeks after the last injection. Please inquire with your physician about receiving manual therapy before injection or cauterization.


Oregon LMT #11232

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