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Anxiety Surrounding Food & Body Image? Try These Positive Affirmations Before Every Meal.

Your brain is elastic, pliable, changeable, and full of untapped potential. Vibrant health is not something you buy, but it is something you live. And many women need to change the way they live with food.

Whether it's anxiety, worrying, controlling, or just rushing through the sacred act of eating, your brain needs a new pathway. If you want to improve your digestive health, your menstrual health, or any other areas of health in your life, you should begin by changing your relationship with food.

The neuron bridges in your mind, the ones that have formed negative beliefs, can break apart, they can fall into disuse, and you can build new strong healthy bridges. You can build new bridges by giving your mind new input. You can change your pliable mind by saying positive affirmations.

Think about this: You weren’t born into this life with anxiety surrounding food and body image. Years of being subjected to diseased-filled images, celebrity culture, the belittling of the female form, photoshopped models—models who were depriving themselves and starving themselves of both food and self-love—those things changed your brain.

The human body is not supposed to look one way. Beauty does not come in one form. And the above comment about models is not to say that some women do not naturally match the most trending form of beauty. All women, all bodies, are a creation of Divine Love. But we all know that many women do suffer, they do starve themselves, and the fashion and celebrity world has overwhelmingly promoted eating disorders.

All of this to say, it's no wonder you have anxiety, worry, fear, or control issues surrounding food. You weren’t born this way. It was thrust upon you. Your brain changed, connections formed, and the emotions worsened.

It is time to take back your health. Create a forcefield that keeps Mainstream American Cultures' diseased images from crushing their weight upon you. And know this, many more women have disordered eating patterns than they realize.

Many women worry about food, jump in and out of starvation cleanses, and make "health" decisions based on how their body looks whether than the intuitive understanding of how their body feels. There is a good chance that you need to rewire your brain when it comes to food and body image.

As defined in my book on Ayurveda, The Elemental Woman, a glowing state of True Health emerges when you fully step away from the pressures and misinformation of this culture. And to do this you must use positive affirmation. You must take advantage of your pliable brain and loudly give it a new, positive message to focus on. Again, this will cause negative pathways to fall into disuse and create new strong pathways, healthy pathways that you travel on each and every day.

In another article, I will discuss how to do positive affirmation successfully. For now, know that you must practice it consistently. For food affirmations, I would suggest repeating them out loud (if possible) before each meal and each snack. And certainly whenever you have negative thoughts enter into your mind.

A short list of affirmations for anxiety surrounding food and body image:

When I eat, I feel joyful, happy, and serene.

When I eat, I love myself, I love this one life, and I love every choice I make.

When I eat, I do more than nourish my body, I nourish my heart with endless Universal love and compassion.

I eat in this present moment. I release the past. I do not think about the future. I am here now, honoring myself and grateful for the food in front of me.

I am grateful for this nourishment.

I am grateful for the choices I have in this life. I am grateful to show myself love through nourishment.

I am grateful that I see past the need for perfection. I am happy that I can work with myself gently, loving myself every day and with every decision.

With every meal, I honor every part of my One Self. Loving each part of my One Self is the highest goal.

I release everything that does not serve my higher self and highest purpose. I create feelings of joy and happiness with everything I do.

I see past the illusions of this misinformed culture. I choose a different path, a path that will heal myself and generations of women to come.

Repeat any combination of these at least ten times, three times a day.

Peace & Love,


*Author Tara Lee Clasen is a manual massage therapist specializing in women's health and pain conditions related to the pelvic floor, neck, jaw & shoulder. She also trained in clinical Ayurveda and has authored a book on Ayurveda called The Elemental Woman.


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