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Maintain healthy shoulders, relieve pain, and open your heart center

Are you actively working on maintaining rotator cuff health? Is your heart center open and shining bright, allowing the muscles of your back to maintain a relaxed position? In-office treatment for shoulder health can restore range of motion, eliminate pain, nurture your emotional heart and allow you to maintain a healthy activity level.

I am passionate about assisting women in their healing stories and I am just as passionate about women seeking care before the pain begins. If you are a woman who is in a gym or fitness studio lifting weights, even small ones, you need to "give back" to the muscles that you are using. Women that are not yet experiencing pain are often shocked when they have tender trigger points in their rotator cuffs touched and they realize that their shoulder muscles need the attention of bodywork. Receiving bodywork will help your posture while you are working out. And working out with better posture will help your health throughout the day.

My personal  experience with treating shoulders

When working with a woman's body I use my intuition and feel for tissue movement and I do not generalize. Some women benefit from static holds and trigger point therapy and other women benefit from mindful stretching. You benefit from manual therapy because it allows direct access to the healing power of your nervous system, promotes positive biochemical changes, creates new neural pathways, teaching your brain-body healthy new patterning.

The least invasive place is always the place to start and pain pills are invasive! My license does not allow me to diagnose or go against doctors' advice. I have told women what options I have for them and allowed them to make decisions regarding injections, surgery and pain pills. Women's bodies need physical medicine and time to heal and I encourage women to listen to their intuition and seek alternative opinions from a variety of credentialed sources. 

What to expect & discussing the benefits of shoulder therapy

I have worked with women that were in tears and scared of their shoulder pain and their options. Some women need a few treatments, some come once a month, some need once a week treatments for 6-weeks and others have come twice a week for a 6-8 week window. Some women have experienced very little discomfort and some women have likened these sessions to similar experiences at their physical therapist's office, where the muscle was challenged and output receptors reset. 

Some women may have a localized rotator cuff issue and other women may have a misaligned hip that is pulling on that shoulder. I empower women to use the smart mechanics of their own bodies to heal the shoulder and the underlying issue. 

Your clavicles can be called the "warriors" of your shoulder girdle. They draw forward "protecting" the emotional heart. Picture someone sad, depressed, anxious or experiencing grief, shoulders rounded forward and the heart-sinking back. Conversely, your heart center should not be overly open and exposed, creating a loss of thoracic curvature. You must find homeostasis between the front and back of your spine. 



I encourage women to explore how emotions are expressing themselves in the physical body. Receiving bodywork is a part of any emotional and spiritually healing program. As a Yoga guide and Ayurvedic practitioner, I can assist women in visualization, breathing and meditation exercises if interested. All healing is unique and treatments vary.


Please notify me of any injections to your shoulder.

If you have had injections in your shoulder, we need to be safe and wait for up to 6-weeks after the last injection. Please inquire with your physician about receiving manual therapy before injection or cauterization. 


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