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TMJ massage for chronic physical and emotional symptoms.

Reclaim your voice! I have been practicing intra-oral treatment since 2004, a combination of  manual jaw massage & possible facial cupping. During this therapy, I wear gloves and work directly on the muscles of the jaw, accessing them inside the mouth. While most people have never heard of intra-oral massage, some women with chronic jaw pain have received short treatments at their dentist’s office. Dentists do unimaginably difficult work (I'm in awe) but for soft tissue pain, you need a soft tissue therapist. 


I spend time working with the complex system of your jaw and its connection to other complex systems. When you book a TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) massage, you'll reserve a treatment that focuses on the jaw and your jaws relationship to the neck and scalp. Using a gloved finger, I work the top, bottom, and side of the jaw, feeling for changes such as myofascial unwinding, trigger point release, and muscle fiber relaxation. Finally, I work on the front and back of the neck and top and sides of the scalp.

Been offered injections? You deserve so much more!

Discussing the benefits of intra-oral massage therapy

Women come in to receive TMJ treatment for varied reasons including pain, tension, and tightness in the jaw and chin, tension headaches, headaches they previously believed were solely driven by hormones but are multi-causal, pain in the ear, repeated ear infections, dizziness, teeth pain, and a lack of quality sleep. 

This is not a quick injection to a single area. This non-invasive TMJ treatment creates health in the entire structure, including the cervical spine. And to heal, empowered women must understand the emotional & energetic factors behind their jaw tension. 

What to expect when being treated for TMJ issues

​Some women experience relief during the very first session, others need regular care mixed with neck treatments and nervous system integration.  I encourage women with stubborn TMD (Temporomandibular Dysfunction) to receive a variety of soft-tissue and relaxation treatments.

​TMJ massage ranges in discomfort. Some women move through the treatment quickly and experience little tenderness, while others manage a somewhat uncomfortable sensation. For women with long-term Temporomandibular Dysfunction, TMJ massage could seem painful. For sensitive women, we modify the treatment and use a light application of pressure for short (but repeated) periods. We can also troubleshoot our approach with the use of  FACIAL CUPPING.

FACIAL CUPPING can leave a mark on the skin, depending on the amount of release we get from the muscle, how much time we spend with the cup on that muscle, and how stagnant the energy and blood are inside the muscle. I've found women with highly-sensitive jaw muscles benefit from repeated cupping sessions while working towards intra-oral massage.

TMJ pain is nervous
system driven 

Many women experience jaw pain because of emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. I encourage women, during and after the treatment, to use breath work, meditation, and visualization to access the "rest and repair" system.  It's important to remember health and wellness is a cycle. Pain may start because of stress, but once in pain, the cycle of stress only worsens - proper treatment allows women to break this pattern. Our body is not separate from emotional stress or trauma and receiving physical treatment is an important part of overall healing. 

Yes, jaw & face massage is a beauty 

A relaxed face is a beautiful face! As an interesting note, a full facial cupping session moves blood and lymph fluid and is used as a treatment for beauty and skin health. Some women receive regular intra-oral jaw massage to  TONE ,SCUPLT  &  SHAPE facial muscles and both treatments increase circulation in the tissue and surrounding areas. 

The results of face sculpting massage are unique and depend on the frequency of treatment. And, as with all true therapy, manual therapy to the jaw muscles - even for facial sculpting - is aided by lessening stress, speaking from the heart, and acknowledging your inner wisdom. 



Lateral pterygoid

Medial pterygoid




Upper trap




Pain & tenderness in the face, jaw joint, head, neck or around the ear

A jaw that "sticks" or "locks" when trying to open or close the mouth

Clicking or popping in the jaw joint

Teeth grinding

Chronic headaches

A face that feels heavy or tired

Emotional release & greater ability to face daily challenges


Please notify me of any cosmetic work done to your jaw.

If you have injections in your jaw, we need to be safe and wait for up to 6-weeks after the last injection. I have also found treatment after injection can be less effective.


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