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Pelvic floor work for women in a focused, welcoming environment.

With Pelvic Bowl Therapy the important muscles inside the pelvis, the deep muscles that create the foundation for your entire structure--the spine, the organs & the connective tissue-- are finally given therapeutic touch. Women are encouraged to receive this work as a proactive way to maintain their health. You do not need to wait for heighten symptoms to manifest before receiving care to this vital element of your core structure.

The deep muscles of the pelvic bowl are accessed through the vaginal wall. The muscles that line the pelvis are deep within the body but that doesn't mean the treatment is painful or force is being applied. Using a gloved hand, this therapy uses the techniques of myofascial release and trigger point therapy to gently guide the muscles into a state of relaxation. I listen to your tissues and your energetic needs and then allow your tissues to move and respond.

Stubborn low back pain? Bladder issues?
Change & prevention happen here!

My personal  experience with pelvic floor therapy

Having grown up with a broken tailbone & being on the receiving end of medical trauma, giving and receiving "Pelvic Bowl Therapy" has been my last personal journey into a state of physical & emotional "wellness". I began seeking out wellness in my early 20's but the only options I heard of for treatment inside the pelvis (in the U.S.) did not feel safe or inviting. The gentle pelvic work that happens in this office fills a gap missing from women's healthcare.


deserve mind-body therapy

Physically, it's easy to understand the benefits of this treatment - what our society fails to acknowledge is the energetic, emotional AND physical cause and effect happening inside of a woman's body. Your physical body stores memory and emotions and holds stress for various reasons. Like many forms of manual therapy, each woman will have a different experience.

Treatment can include a variety of modalities, including  REIKI,BREATHWORK,and  VISUALIZATION.Some women will choose to share thoughts and emotions during the treatment, others may wish to participate in visualization but remain silent and others may wish to concentrate only on the physical aspect of treatment. Everything is guided by your needs.


the benefits of pelvic floor therapy

Hypertonic muscles and tight myofascial tissue keep the body in a state of stress and a lack of blood flow creates an acidic environment. Muscles should glide, contract, and then release. But many women suffer from soft tissue restrictions that limit range of motion to muscles and organs.

Tight muscles in your pelvic floor can cause incontinence, low back pain, reproductive troubles, numbness, hamstring tearing, and even TMJ issues. And emotionally,  a woman’s pelvic bowl stores various forms of trauma.

Pelvic floor health starts with freeing adhered connective tissue and  RESTORING BLOOD FLOW. Rehabilitating your muscles permits healthy nervous system functioning; Disrupting a cycle that keeps many women in a state of chronic physical or emotional distress. During this intra-vaginal therapy, we check that your muscles are contracting with even strength and symmetry. 

Postpartum care, including physical and emotional discomfort &  pain

Scar tissue

Mild prolapse

Hamstring pain & pain when sitting

Low back or SI joint pain, hip instability & weak core muscles

A general sense of tension, heaviness, pain, or trigger point discomfort

Reproductive or menopause symptoms

Fertility health and support

Vulvar pain & burning

Difficulty starting urine stream & incontinence

Digestive issues such as constipation 


Nervous system relaxation

Assisting the mind-body system in healing from trauma



Treating your body kindly

It's important to remember that the least invasive option is always the best place to start. Pelvic Bowl Therapy, or massage of the pelvic muscles, is considered safe and effective and has been used by physical therapists to treat issues such as bladder leakage for a long time.


A mind, body, spirit therapy

If you are wondering if this work is right for you, ask yourself how you feel after a massage - the benefits are multi-faceted, right? For some, this treatment offers a sense of physical, emotional, and spiritual relaxation; for others, it's used to help heal bladder, fertility, or chronic anxiety issues.


* Vaginal mesh is a contraindication for this work

*Internal vaginal massage is not given during pregnancy

* I have a passion for guiding prenatal Yoga and have seen the difference that gentle Yoga, breathwork, positive affirmation and visualizations have in reducing fear, worry and anxiety about birthing and motherhood. I am influenced by Gayle Peterson P.h.D, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, my teacher Swami Sita, traditional Hatha Yoga & my training in Ayurveda.  Please enquire about other services that are offered for women before, during and after pregnancy.    


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