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Hi, I'm Tara Lee Clasen.

 I'm a 20-year MANUAL THERAPIST dedicated 
PHYSICAL MEDICINE & mind-body healthcare.


Locally: I work with women utilizing hard-to-find, focused PHYSICAL MEDICINE for the pelvic floor, neck, jaw & shoulder. 

Beyond: Buy The Elemental Woman book to learn about your beautiful & unique body-type. ZOOM Ayurveda sessions available now!

Are You Ready for More?

Advanced Manual Massage Therapy Meets Calming Breath & Emotional Support.

Are you suffering from neck & jaw pain even though you've been everywhere?  

Specializing in neuromuscular dysfunction & prevention since 2004.

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 Your physical body deserves physical medicine. 

Are you suffering from pelvic floor symptoms and looking for more than temporary relief?  

Women report a difference in the quality of touch & nervous system education.

Having worked with elite athletes since 2004, & being the sole therapist on over 40,000 miles of high-endurance cycling tours, my manual massage therapy is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE

   There is a 

better way.

Lake Oswego Healthcare

Focused Manual Massage Therapy.

TMJ Treatment

Speak up and without pain. This treatment is not 30-seconds of applied pressure. When booking TMJ massage, you reserve a focused session to the inside of the jaw and - as importantly - the other connective tissues. If a woman experiences pain, we work slowly and can use gentle facial cupping.


Reasons a woman may hold tension in her jaw include dental work, cervical dysfunction, tight pelvic floor muscles, whiplash, stress, anxiety, and needing to reclaim her voice. 

Neck Pain

When your neck hurts, life feels hard. You can liberate yourself from this discomfort, restore range of motion, prevent future injury, and learn to love your cervical spine.


It's important to know that physical therapy and manual massage therapy are not the same (both are important types of care).


Your neck needs focused manual massage therapy sessions. For the past 20 years, I have worked closely with women experiencing neck pain and headaches.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Trigger point & myofascial release of the pelvic floor muscles is health care that women need and deserve.


This work directly addresses womb health using direct physical medicine. Restoring circulation, muscle strength, and nervous system functions. These treatments also include breathing, visualization, sound therapy, and other mind-body medicine techniques. 


Releasing tense pelvic floor muscles stimulates healing for a variety of serious health complaints. 

Shoulder Pain

We never work on just the area in pain. Holistic treatment —for any level of discomfort—focuses directly on the pain and all other mechanical & biochemical dysfunctions.

A variety of licensed manual therapists such as PTs, chiropractors, and Rolfers, consider some diagnoses, such as frozen shoulder, “catch-alls”. What does that mean for you? That means you may have this condition, or you may not, and you deserve non-invasive treatment options. No matter what, you must find a practitioner that helps you address the root cause of any shoulder condition.


The revolution our world needs today will return us to the world's oldest medical tradition. Ayurvedic consults assist women in understanding their body's reaction to food, stress, exercise, and daily lifestyle choices. 


This is my one option for working with women at a distance. With an Initial Ayurvedic Consult, you receive basic guidance in how the ancient medicine of Ayurveda views your unique needs. My focus is on women loving themselves, even their symptoms, and learning the language their intelligent & beautiful bodies are speaking. 


After a year of chronic headaches & jaw pain, I finally found the solution with TMJ treatments with Tara. The specific way she massaged my jaw & neck has been life-changing. She has such a gentle & sweet demeanor & effective treatment. I have recommended her to everyone.

Tami H. 

My MD referred me to Tara after she was able to avoid shoulder surgery using Tara's services. Tara is a truly gifted manual therapist. Her knowledge and ability are phenomenal, she is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She doesn't treat just the tissue, she treats the whole person. I always leave sessions with Tara feeling that everything will be alright and feeling right in my being.

Kate C.

Tara is pure magic! I'm so grateful that I found her. She can navigate and find any tensions that you might have without you even telling her what's wrong. Every time I've left a session, I feel amazing. I highly recommend booking her!

Lauren G.

Head to TESTIMONIALS to find out what athletes & women JUST LIKE YOU are saying about T.L.C!


Having been the exclusive therapist on over 40,000 miles of intense cycling tours, I can quickly palpate the physical roots of your pain. 



But I know that pushing on tissue alone does not create long-lasting health & wellness.

I stay up to date on the latest  FASCIA research, which is why I know that  healing-- from digestive struggles to acute or chronic pain symptoms--happens when you have a conversation with your NERVOUS SYSTEM. 

That's why I wrote a book on Ayurveda & understanding the unique needs of your incredible mind-body system.

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The Elemental Woman

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Dr. Vasant Lad

Visionary founder of The Ayurvedic Institute

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Swami Sitaramananda

International Sivananda Yoga & meditation guru 

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Myra Lewin

Author & beloved founder of Hale Pule Ayurveda 

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Tools For Living Without the Stress of Perfection.

I liberated myself from a life of chronic pain but that doesn't mean I haven't made mistakes or had setbacks. 2020 was another year of self-confession, growth, and renewal to my own health care journey. 

LOVING YOURSELF and loving your unique health care story is not about trying to obtain absolute perfection. Yes, in order to reach your health goals you must consistently commit to potent lifestyle changes and physical medicine techniques. And Ayurveda teaches you how to READ THE SIGNS of illness and respond to the tide of daily stressors in your life. But as a woman you can also experience trauma and injury and you may find yourself again needing to RENEW YOUR IDEA of what it means to live inside your beautifully “imperfect” female body. 
I have experienced incredible changes through the techniques I use and those offered by other female practitioners. I know what works and as I firmly recommit to my own wellness, I want you to know that I have absolute faith in your ability to HEAL, your ability to LIBERATE yourself, and your ability to LOVE this complicated life-long process that is your health and wellness journey.

Ayurveda EMPOWERS WOMEN to realize their healthiest, happiest selves.

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The Elemental

"That spark, that decision to change, is the first step of every 'True Health' journey." 

The ancient medicine of Ayurveda will heal the minds, bodies, and souls of today's modern Western women. The question is, can modern Western women learn to live these ancient Eastern principles? From an early age, Mainstream American Culture has trained women to judge their bodies, obsess over weight, live at a fast pace, and disregard alternative medicine practices.

Women cannot just read about Ayurveda, women must understand how the disease of Mainstream American Culture has influenced their choices and break free of body insecurity and learned habits. And despite the overwhelming commercialization of wellness, women can realize that healing cannot be purchased, rather health and wellness is a by-product of everyday choices, a positive mindset, and their overall community. 

YOU CAN USE POWERFUL AYURVEDA  TO HEAL. You can leave our culture’s constant rhetoric behind and gather supportive female energy around you. Whereas some illness events may always affect you, implementing Ayurveda and being active in your health and wellness journey will benefit every aspect of your life.


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